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Updated: Electrical Generator Burns in Manassas

11:45 a.m. Wednesday

According to new information provided by Manassas City officials, one generator caught fire inside a power generation facility on Godwin Drive in Manassas on Tuesday. No one was injured. 

The power generators produce electricity during peak demand times for the city, stated spokeswoman Patty Prince.

5 p.m. Tuesday

MANASSAS, Va. — Today, during some of the coldest air seen in decades in our area, three of the city’s power generators caught fire.

Fire crews were called about 10:30 a.m. to an electrical generating plant 9890 Godwin Drive, near a Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle office.

The fire was contained to the generators and did not damage the building or those around the power plant, and it was doused quickly.

There is a total of 31 diesel generators that produce power for the city, through the city’s own electrical department. Manassas generates its own electrical power that is sold back to city residents.

The fire comes as a neighboring utility department, NOVEC, urged customers to conserve energy and not use electric washers, dryers, and ranges as demand to heat homes spiked today during record-cold temperatures.


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  • Manassas only generates electricity to supplement its supply purchased from NOVEC during periods of peak demand. It represents a very small proportion of the City’s need.

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