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Two Boys Charged With Forcible Sodomy

By Potomac Local News December 2, 2013 4:20 pm


WOODBRIDGE,Va. –  Police report two  boys charged with forcible sodomy of an 11 year-old-girl.

More in a press release:

Forcible Sodomy –

On November 27th at 9:29AM, detectives from the Special Victims Unit responded to the 15100 block of Blackburn Rd in Woodbridge (22191) to investigate a sexual assault.

The victim, an 11 year old girl of Woodbridge, reported to police that she was held down and sexually assaulted by two male juveniles in the backyard of her residence.

Following the investigation, both juveniles were arrested.

Arrested on November 27th: [Juveniles]

A 13 year old boy and a 12 year old boy – both of Woodbridge

Both were charged with forcible sodomy and abduction with intent to defile

Court date: unavailable | Status: both were held at the Juvenile Detention Center


  • Jeffrey

    Every time a teenage or preteen girl goes missing or is found unconscious in the woods after having been raped, all the righteous do-gooders proclaiming themselves to be child advocates go looking to blame the tragedy on an adult man significantly older than the victim. The television entertainment industry even sensationalizes on this subject matter and promotes this misguided way of thinking in the form of TV programs such as “To Catch A Predator” with Chris Hansen. Anybody who is stupid enough to believe that most heinous sex crimes against pubescent and adolescent girls are committed by older men should be forced to watch the 2001 film titled “Thing Behind The Sun” starring Eric Stolz and Kim Dickens, which is about a 14-year old girl who is gang raped by a group of school boys her age. The movie is based on a true story of a woman’s ordeal when she was actually 12 years old. Let’s face it! Adolescent school-age boys between 12 and 17 years old have the most access to girls this young and the most opportunities to harm them. Therefore, doesn’t it stand to reason that they commit the majority of heinous sex crimes against girls this age? Never mind all the pedophile panic politics that gets crammed down our throats every day by the press and the media.

  • Jeffrey

    The two suspects in this incident had probably been bullying this young girl for a period of time to see how much they could get away with up until they committed the ultimate unspeakable act against her. I am reminded of an incident not too long ago in which a 12-year old boy got suspended from school for defending a female classmate of his against a group of bullies. Here he was doing the right thing and the school administration sided with the culprits. When I was growing up, macho attitudes flew in all directions among fathers that it’s a part of growing for a kid to deal with bullies at school and on the streets and that it teaches a kid to deal with the real world. However, if an adult were to follow around another adult and harassed him or her, that individual would be charged with stalking and locked up in prison. Schools are becoming cesspools of violence and these youngsters simply cannot study in these kinds of environments. This tragedy that happened to this 11-year old girl was completely preventable. If I were in her parents’ shoes, I would sue her school for not giving her more protection from this tragedy.

  • sandra

    These two punks need to be locked up til they are 21.

    • Summer

      Laws need to be passed so that the parents are locked up too; especially if they have several kids who all have been criminals.

      Something has to be done about these criminal-breeding, welfare-4-life women.

      Make them do community service for all of their benefits and maybe they won’t be so anxious to plop them out by the dozen.

      • Jeffrey

        Summer? I did hear a news story a year or so ago about this 12-year old bully over in Manassas who brought a weapon to school and got caught. His mother knew about it beforehand and even worked for the school. After the boy was arrested, the mother was also arrested and thrown in jail. What was so interesting about it is that she came across as one of those parents who believe their bully kid can do no wrong. I’d be interested in knowing how this woman is now dealing with her cellmates, considering that most of her kind have a self-righteous attitude to the point that they believe that their bully kid’s transgressions are everyone else’s fault. I guess some people are their own worst enemy. She certainly is.

    • Jeffrey

      Correction, Sandra! These punks needs to be locked up until they’re 101. I don’t think they’re going to change their evil ways in less than 10 years.

  • Mike

    Bet the boys come from a single-mother household. Just another selfish woman who has babies so she can live for free off of the taxpayers and have that fat, ugly, stupid baby that she so craves.

    Single mothers and their burden-on-society criminal offspring will be the downfall of the U.S.

  • Summer

    I’m guessing that these boys were BLACK or LATINO because if they were white, then every media outlet would report it and the POS POTUS Obama would be blabbing about it.

  • J Har

    Why blame the mothers? Where are the fathers? Nearly half of all children do not live in the same home with their biological fathers. Its neay 70% in African American communities. Kids need their fathers.

    • Summer

      Because the mothers are the ones having the babies — not the guys.
      The lazy females are purposely getting pregnant and having tons of babies so that they can live for free off of the taxpayers.

      They could take a Plan B pill or have an abortion, but they are so lazy and selfish that they have the baby anyway.

      Some go into bars and find some drunk guy to get them pregnant, just so they can have that baby and get their free ride in life.

      Lazy, ugly, fat women.

  • hannah

    I knew these two males and they were friends with my brother i knew they were going to end up do ing some stupid shit but thanks to god my brother wasnt the one doing it with them thank god these two boys are out of the neighborhood safer for me or anyone esle

    • Ken

      Hannah, could you tell us whether the boys were from single-mom households and what is their race? (white, black, Latino?). What are their mothers like? (on welfare, drug addicts, party animals, etc.). Thanks.


  • http://potomaclocal.com tre

    these boys i go to school with the girl waz white she lied they had sex 3 times in the summer she asked them she said in school she waz scared fagets so all shut up dang so annoying

  • http://potomaclocal.com miles

    these boys i go to school with the girl waz white she lied they had sex 3 times in the summer she asked them she said in school she waz scared fagets so all shut up dang so annoying

  • http://potomaclocal.com tre

    sike naw dont even now them thats wrong wat they id to dat poor girl