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2 Arrested in Minnieland Daycare Investigation

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — Police have made two arrests in an assault and batter case centered on a Minnieland Academy daycare center in Woodbridge.

Here’s more in a press release:

Cruelty or Injury to Child | Assault & Battery – On November 7th, detectives from the Physical Abuse Unit began an investigation into child abuse allegations which were reported to have occurred at the Minnieland Academy at the Glen located at 4290 Prince William Pkwy in Woodbridge (22192).



The investigation revealed that between January and August of 2013, two employees assaulted and abused at least three children, between the ages of 1 and 2, who were in their care at the facility. Following the investigation, detectives consulted the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and obtained charges against both employees. The investigation continues and additional charges are pending.

Arrested on November 22nd:

Kierra Nicole SPRIGGS, 24, of 2039 Swift Stream Ct in Woodbridge

Charged with 2 counts of cruelty or injury to a child and 2 counts of assault & battery

Court date: TBA | Bond: $1,500 secured

Sarah A JORDAN, 29, of 12627 Kempston Ln in Woodbridge

Charged with 2 counts of cruelty or injury to a child and 2 counts of assault & battery

Court date: TBA | Bond: unavailable

The findings of abuse were published in a report from the Virginia Social Services department.

The reports state two employees of the daycare center feed children Flaming Hot Cheetos snacks and then watched the children react and their faces turn red. The employees were also accused of taking children behind a diapering area and stepping on their toes, use a water hose to spray children in their faces and listening to their screams, and repeatedly pushing an art easel onto a toddler when the child refused to come out from behind it.

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  • PeterP

    I always felt that day care providers are under regulated. What type of people generally work at day care centers? What type of career path is it? Are there regular classes or is a degree or some type of training required?

    I sincerely hope this is a isolated incident and not a start of more relevations coming out?

  • Why did it take 11 months to stop this. Social Services investigated Jan-Aug
    but it apparently continued until November. Why didn’t management who knew of
    the investigation stop this fire the workers?????? Why wasn’t the police involved????? I must say Prince William SS, Police and Minnie land let our youngest citizens down SHAME ON YOU

  • John

    Privatize the regulations. We dont need government getting any bigger. I think this was totally blown out of proportion. I highly doubt there was any intent to actually harm the kids. Yea it was wrong but whatever . Minneland doesnt have the greatest track record anyways. With parents or employees. They pay minimally and alot of younger teens get jobs there.

    So todays lesson is ……….you get what THEY pay for

    Parents pay alot….. Minnieland pays peanuts and keeps profits high for more daycare centers. Ex. They bought out appletree academy in manassas . They also run the merit school.

    • PeterP

      Minnieland is all many people can afford. And many in our county (since our county is FULL of low paying jobs) can not even afford actual day cares.

      I do not see how making sure those that care for children have back ground checks and some type of training and oversight makes government bigger?

      To me doing things to protect our future (our children) is government getting smarter.

  • Charles in charge

    My kids love the so called flaming hot cheetos.

    Their not that hot. They are good actually.

    The water hose was probably on a hot day and they were trying to cool the kids off.

    Stepping on toes could be an accident. Especially in a confined area behind a changing station. Prolly 35 kids runnin around like crazy.

    The art easel could have fallen.

    Watch your own kids and you only have yourself to blame……

    • PeterP

      So you think they are innocent. I am sure they will qualify for public defenders since they make so little so maybe you can volunteer to assist in their defense. People are rushing to judgement on these two young ladies. Maybe it is just government intrusion or overacting and nothing really went on wrong.

      My kids are fine, I am blessed to have been able to afford realy good in home care when my children were younger. But hey, thanks for the advice.

  • Ronald

    Um…. They do background checks.. And drug tests. And certifications and re certifications…. Some of them have degrees..
    But some people choose to get in trouble later on in life and then everybodys like omg what are we goin to do now…..

    The answer is there is nothing you can do. Gotta just trust people to hire the right people and that will be good and take care of the ones they are looking after ….

  • Charles in charge

    Oh here we go…… Lets all hear how much $$ you make again… Lets not forget the taxpayers in the private section PAY your salary and retirement…

    Do you have any idea how much this is going to cost us taxpayers.

    Ive been a marine for 17 years. My father was and so was my grandfather. We have all been to war and served our country proudly.
    I have seen it all. I have laid my life on the line for the USA and lived to come back home. Your comments make me sick as does Obama

    • PeterP

      Cue Hail to the Chief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I love it…. I remember Jan 20, 2009… What a wonderful day!

      A certain segment of society was upset, angry and yes……. sick. And i love it. And still love it.

  • Patrick


    If i see an obama sticker on a car I either do

    1. Cut off
    2. Brake check
    3. Dont let them over
    4.point and laugh

    5. Box them in…..they love it btw.

    7.I sometimes want to write them signs on my window but im affraid they cant read anyways..

    8. Flick boogers out window at them. Ittl smear…….Because you know their waiting for someone else to fill their washer jug under hood. As they ride around with it empty….

    9. My

  • Veronica

    It was a rigged election.

  • PeterP

    I am realizing why Republicans struggle to win statewide and national elections. People who are just not happy. Some ugly stuff folks… But I am sure you can go further. Let it out. Be free. LOL>

    THen sit and realize that all the hate is focused back on yourselves….

    1. The election was not rigged – Romney LOST.
    2. Saying folks who voted for Obama cannot read is just plain ignorant. Look up the demographic information of voters from the 2012 election.
    3. I am not gay (not that there is anything wrong with being gay) lol
    4. If you react to a person that has a bumper sticker for a candidate that won a election and you really get mad at it to cut the person off – you have some serious issues you need to deal with.
    5. I am not a socialist and I am not jumping off a bridge. Sorry.

    The last 4 or 5 comments on this story pretty much sum up where the republican party is. Name calling, hate, put downs, lies, distortion and disdain for those that do not agree….

    that’s to bad – but keep up the good work you guys are your own worst enemies.

    • Pam Hall

      Sure Peter. 109 per cent turnout and not one Republican vote in 65 precincts. That does not happen. The election was stolen and the idiots who voted for him should be real happy with the state of affairs.

  • Jason

    Typical democratic b.s.

    Its funny your the only one defending them.. Keep watching your mainstream news that only obummer wants reported.. Your a sheep.

    Cant wait for his eviction date. Lowest polls in history .

  • John

    And mr peter puffer,

    Hows is your presidents obamacare package doin..??? Last time i checked … He has about 15 hrs left before the deadline. Haha

    Gonna get repealed and replaced.

    Like many of us have said in the past

    Hes not gonna fix problems… Hes gonna $&@##%* rig em… And make em worse.

  • Amy

    Lol anyone need some DUCTTAPE?? Haha

  • Amy

    Peter you are wrong and make no sense. You need to go and take a history lesson. Also there are more coverups in this presidency than ever before in the history of the usa.

    Typical democratic liberal……Deny everything and give a belly laugh and play stupid. Well we will see who laughs last. .. As your party turns its back on your half black president.

    • shan22044

      Hmm…racist much?

    • PeterP

      Funny how you guys have to bring up the presidents race…. lol. LOVE IT. You guys just cant help it.

    • Pam Hall

      They’re not playing Amy. They ARE stupid.

  • Karin

    I agree.

    I voted 4 obama twice and really wish i didnt.

    I felt lied to in many ways. Duped. Tricked. The ol bait and switch.
    I lost my insurance coverage and now have to pay double. Thanks!

    If you like your dr you can keep your dr
    If you like your plan you can keep your plan

    B.s. Please explain peter and show all of us your intelligence please. And his phoney scandals.

  • shan22044

    U guys r funny. You do realize that you live in Northern Virginia, right?
    If you get mad every time you see an Obama sticker on a car, I suggest you sign up for anger management counseling.

  • Anthony

    We dont get mad. We are very carefull around cars with obama stickers….

    …its just a symbol for Lack of intelligence on their part. Its like putting ” I AM STUPID “. Thats all .
    What can america do for me??

    You do realize nova is republican right? You do realize the kkk started the democratic party too right?

    • PeterP

      “its just a symbol for Lack of intelligence on their part. Its like putting ” I AM STUPID “. Thats all . What can america do for me??”

      FACT: Obama won the post graduate vote 55 to 42 percent. Obama lost the college grad vote by only 4 percent.

      “You do realize nova is republican right?”

      FACT: Obama won the county with over 30K votes. Infact Prince William County goes dem in most state wide elections.

      “You do realize the kkk started the democratic party too right?”

      FACT: This is where education is so important to americans. yes, Dems started the KKK. And when the KKK formed who were democrats? White, male, christian, southern, conservative racist. Now ask yourself if you are a white male conservative southern racist what party would you be comfortable in?

  • Anthony

    We are not racists…. We all own a colored tv .

    Why is there not a white friday?
    Why does it have to be black friday?

    I feel like thats racist… Im gonna call the affirmative action and the naacp.

    Oh wait i forgot we never pull the race card! We leave that for yall to do

    • PeterP

      “Oh wait i forgot we never pull the race card”

      You bring up race and then say you dont bring up race… too funny.

      But hey, you are a shining example of all that is wrong with the republican party and you can’t even realize it.

  • Cynthia

    Immigration reform.
    Welfare reform
    Unemployment reform
    Voter id reform/ IQ tests ( my opinion)

    = pissed obama supporters!

    Work hard america…. Millions depend on you!

    • PeterP

      the sad thing is you think only democrats get unemployment or welfare. I have done so much volunteer work in the county and worked in social services. the pain many americans feel is not buffered by what party they voted for, what color their skin is, if they are racist or not.

      Republican politicians and media have done a great job of painting government help as something only dems need. And many republican voters have fell right inline thinking that is true.

      As for a IQ test to vote I would not be in favor of that. It sounds somewhat unconstitutional. If you are thinking that one party is smarter than the other that is a very slippery slope. I think we both know where you are trying to go with it but the voting demographics do not bear that out.

      As for voter ID reform. yes, every american should have a valid ID. I am with you on that one.

  • Will

    There is a good point tho….

    Most obama stickers are on turdbucket cars …

    Ya never see one on anything nice.. Its always a mid 90’s or early 2000’s jalopy.

    Im just sayin…

    I also love the videos on youtube where they interview obama lovers.

    Most dont even know his party …let alone what his stand is on politics…. Hahaha look it up

  • PeterP

    Nice to see the loyal Potomac Local readers wallowing in their supposed white pride with all the veild racism going on. America is moving right past you guys. You fail to realize that you are no better than the person driving next to you in morning traffic. You fail to realize that you are not more american than that person.

    We all know racism still exist. You guys are just able to hide it better. But in the end you are still who you are – cowards. Afraid of what is different that you. Holding animosity to other humans simply for the color of their skin or who they vote for.

    So feel superior and say “all dems are stupid” or “dems cant read” or any of that stuff.

    “Racism is a refuge for the ignorant. It seeks to divide and to destroy. It is the enemy of freedom, and deserves to be met head-on and stamped out.”
    Pierre Berton

  • Chris

    My son was at Minnieland and abuse happened there. I told the young director at Dumfries…she was a buffoon….lost, ignorant….and lies….we had to pull our son out because they failed to watch him, he ran out of the center a few times and even had soap put in his mouth….NO one did a thing. The staff apologized for doing it…THEY DID nothing….do not put your kids there!

  • Chris

    We reported the abuse but the director failed to do her job…she was nasty and rude…taking our son out the Dumfries Minnieland was the best thing we did…he is much happier now at Majest. They treat the kids so much better and care. No abuse there. We reported this to the proper authorities but they did NOTHING….MY SON was in danger there…and forced with soap in his mouth…MY SON WAS only 4…and to this day he thinks he is a bad kid…..because they kept telling him he was…..we have to assure him he is a good boy and what they did wasn’t what the world is about…..THE DIRECTOR at Minnieland was horrible…some young blond army’s wife….she didn’t even care about the kids…..

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