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Circuit Court Ceremony to Honor 8 Children Being Adopted from Foster Care

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — Saturday is adoption day at the Prince William County Department of Social Services.

A special ceremony will be held at the Prince William County Circuit Court where 18 children will be adopted from foster care. All of the children up until this point were in foster care in the county.

Here’s more in a press release:

National Adoption Day is a local campaign to encourage families throughout the Prince William community to open their hearts and homes to children in foster care waiting to be adopted.

Currently 140 children in the Prince William area are living in foster homes. Children enter foster care through no fault of their own; as victims of child abuse, neglect or abandonment. Some children in foster care will return to their homes. Others, whose parents’ legal rights have been terminated, will become eligible for adoption into a permanent home.


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  • Nancy

    I served on the Prince William County Social Services Board for twelve years and National Adoption Day was one of my favorite events to attend as a Board member. What a delight to see these wonderful families and beautiful children as they startred a new life together. The joy and smiles of the children being adopted is something that I will never forget. God bless all the families that are willing to take these children into their hearts. And a special thanks to all the social services workers who help to make this happen.

  • Anonymous

    I was adopted in prince william when i was 3 years old. Mrs cotton was my caseworker. Im now 34 and i still remember everyday up to being adopted. And that day when you dropped me off and i walked up their long driveway to my new home!! I just wanted to say thank you for helping me find a good family when i was just a little guy. My parents are the greatest thing that has happened to me. Before i had them my chances were slim to grow up and be somebody.

    I have been taken care of just like a normal kid in a normal family
    I have never met my birthparents but i really dont want to. Just medical info id like..

    Now i have wife and family . I love my kids soo much. Their my only blood relatives i have.

    But There is hope!! There are loving caring people out their who are wanting a son or a daughter.. Thank you so much for helping me. Im kinda tearin up writing this.. Eyes gettn blurry.

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