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Police Tie 6 to Diaz Slaying, Say Murder Stems from Drug Deals

By Potomac Local News September 24, 2013 2:31 pm


WOODBRIDGE, Va. – A total of six people face charges in connection to the murder of 18-year-old Kenny Diaz.

Police reported today that Diaz and a group of friends on Saturday went to confront 19-year-old Diandra Samuels after she allegedly robbed Diaz’s friend on Sept. 12.

Diaz and friends found Samuels, as well as her friends, who were at her home on Bellona Drive in Woodbridge, police said.

One of Diaz’s friends was carrying a handgun, which was taken by one of Samuels’ acquaintances and used to assault Diaz’s friends, police said.



Diaz’s friends fled on foot, but he was unable to get away and was forced into a car, was taken to Maurumsco Acre Lake, and was then stabbed to death by Samuels, police said.

More in an unedited press release from police:

Murder Investigation *ARRESTS – On September 23rd, detectives from the Violent Crimes Bureau made multiple arrests in the murder of Kenny DIAZ which



was reported to have occurred at Marumsco Acre Lake Park located at 14398 Melbourne Ave in Woodbridge on September 21st.

During the investigation, detectives discovered that the stabbing was connected to an unreported armed robbery committed against a friend of DIAZ. The robbery was reported to have occurred on September 12th in the 14300 block of Bellona Rd in Woodbridge (22191).

The investigation into the robbery revealed that the suspect, Diandra



SAMUELS, robbed the friend of DIAZ of an undisclosed amount of U.S. Currency. Upon learning of the robbery, DIAZ and other acquaintances planned to confront SAMUELS on September 21st at her address on Bellona Dr. During that encounter, multiple acquaintances of SAMUELS were also present.

One of those acquaintances, Dominic SMITH, assaulted one of the other parties with a handgun which was taken from one of the acquaintances who accompanied DIAZ. This caused the group to disperse and flee on foot.



DIAZ was not able to get away and was subsequently assaulted by SAMUELS before being forced into a vehicle by SAMUELS and other acquaintances [listed below] and driven to the park where he was stabbed and killed by SAMUELS.

Detectives worked extensively on this case and were able to identify all of the parties involved in this case. Additional charges and arrests are forthcoming however the main parties involved have been apprehended. These encounters were not random and stemmed from drug dealings. As a result of



the investigation, this homicide has been classified as a murder.

Arrested on September 23rd:

Diandra Janae SAMUELS, 19, of 14307 Bellona Rd #411 in Woodbridge

Charged with murder, aggravated malicious wounding, abduction, armed robbery, and the use of a firearm in commission of a felony

Dominic Glenn SMITH, 26, of 14615 Earlham Ct in Woodbridge

Charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and abduction

Deneen Antoinette WILLIAMS, 29, of 14307 Bellona Rd #403 in Woodbridge

Charged with abduction

Renee Claytor CAPLES, 22, of 14307 Bellona Rd #402 in Woodbridge

Charged with abduction

Teena Marie GERBOZY, 24, of 14309 Bellona Rd #301 in Woodbridge

Charged with abduction

Gregory Allan BONDS, 22, of 15907 Ensbrook Ln in Woodbridge

Charged with abduction

Court date: December 2, 2013 | Bond: held WITHOUT bond


  • Tim

    Classy looking bunch there. I hope the ones that don’t fry in the electric chair spend a long time in a dark, dark prison cell.

    • Rae

      Diandra Samuels sometimes frequented her familys house off Harbor Drive. She and her friends were a nuisance and confrontational with folks just walking down the street. She is a thug and the world will be a safer place with her put away,so sorry for the Diaz family, my heart goes out to them. Thank you PWCPD

  • Carlos A. Castro

    Great job PWC Police Dept.!!!!!

  • Carlos A. Castro

    Great job PWC Police Department!!!

  • http://may01940@verizon.net buck

    they all should be put away that is what is wrong people dont want to work all they want to do is rob

  • debbie lee

    Quick arrests, good job PWC Police. Take a good look at this group, why would Diaz think for 1 minute he could help his friend get back his money? what kind of people did he hang out with that even knows people like this? Pure trash and if there is only 1 good thing that will come out of this senseless killing is that 6 looser, useless, pure garbage individuals will spend the rest of their lives behind bars.