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Futrell Takes Responsibility for IRS Oversight, Focuses on U.S. 1

By Potomac Local News September 10, 2013 9:15 am


The Futrells: Bernadine and Micheal, and thier 8-month-old son, Micheal II, along with Stafford County Democratic Committee Chairwoman Alane Callander at the kick-off event for Micheal Futrell’s campaign for Virginia House of Delegates. [Photo: Uriah Kiser / Potomac Local News]

The Futrells: Bernadine and Micheal, and thier 8-month-old son, Micheal II, along with Stafford County Democratic Committee Chairwoman Alane Callander at the kick-off event for Micheal Futrell’s campaign for Virginia House of Delegates. [Photo: Uriah Kiser / Potomac Local News]

WOODBRIDGE, Va. – Michael Futrell is answering questions about the IRS as his campaign for the House of Delegates enters the final stretch.

The Woodbridge Democrat who seeks to unseat Stafford Republican Mark Dudenhefer for Virginia’s 2nd House District had the federal taxing agency strip his charitable 501(c)3 status for Futrell’s 3-year-old “Make the Future” organization, a group that focuses on youth sports and educational activities, because the organization has not filed statement of earnings since its incorporation — something that must be done each year, according to the IRS.

“I was under the impression we were able to file all at once, so I take full responsibility for what’s happened and we are working to correct it,” Futrell told Potomac Local News.

He is now working to find an executive director for the organization so he can focus solely on his campaign, and he adds “Make the Future” still has a bright future ahead of it. Its website was taken down late last month and now states updates are being made to the site.

Futrell kicked off his first bid for public office early in January. The district he seeks to represent is split between eastern Prince William County and North Stafford, with the the majority of Democrats voters in Prince William and Republicans in Stafford.

Along the way, Futrell has been accused of plagiarizing another campaign’s website. In March, some of the same text that lived on Virginia House Minority Leader David Tuscano’s page was found on Futrell’s. It was taken down and changes were made to Futrell’s campaign staff, he said.

Today on his website, Futrell touts himself as an educator and a businessman. He taught public school for one year in Ohio before moving to Northern Virginia to become a pharmaceutical rep, he said, where he continued “educating” people about drugs and life-bettering treatments for illness.

Futrell says he’s fully focused on the campaign, and that education, veterans issues, and transportation are the key things he’s looking at.

Extending Metro to Woodbridge would be a economic boom for eastern Prince William County, and would help to revitalize the U.S. 1 corridor, something that desperately needs to happen, he said. As it’s the main thoroughfare in the 2nd District next to I-95, U.S. 1 has become a campaign issue after incumbent Dudenhefer penned a letter to Virginia Transportation Secretary Sean Connaughton making the case to widen the roadway to six lanes.

Another major transportation issues facing the area: The Bi-County Parkway that would connect I-95 at U.S. 1 in Dumfries with Dulles Airport. Many businesses support it, but many homeowners along Va. 234 – where the parkway would run — are opposed because they fear increased noise from the highway.

“I’m not ready to take a position on the parkway just yet until we have all of the facts on the table,” said Futrell.

If elected, he’ll convene meetings of local residents who will be asked for their ideas on how to improve the region, he said.

Voters go to the polls Nov. 5.

  • Greg

    Just another crooked democratic tool. He and McCallif could clean up on the tax payers dime. tool

  • Potomac Clubber

    Michael Futrell seems like your typical young kid who isn’t even close to managing his own office and it’s obvious his staff is incompetent also. That being said at least he’s lives Woodbridge and care deeply about cleaning up the mess that the Rt. 1 corridor has become. Carpetbagger Mark Dudenhefer doesn’t even know what Rt. 1 looks like North of the 610 exit.

    • mary o’gearn

      Wow- Potomac Clubber must not have been here for the last couple of decades. Dudenhefer has been in the press repeatedly for years- stressing the needs for those of us through out PW and Stafford. Far from a johnny come lately- he has been pressing the local and state gov’s- and even the feds to address our road needs! From reading news articles he worked with dem’s on transportation issues! As for living in the community- under clubber’s reasoning no one in Stafford should for for the dem b/c he lives in Woodbridge.
      The issues of VA are too important for such petty attacks. Two issues face VA- transportation and ethics. Mark clearly excels in both! Futrell seems to be of the mainstay of our lax ethical standards. There is only one choice for PW voters- Dudenhefer!

      • Potomac Clubber

        Mary, He was on the Stafford BOS from 2005 to 2011 and before that he was in the Corp, so not sure what you mean by decades of service to PWC? Please name one thing Dudenhefer has done yet for anybody in PW and in particular Woodbridge?

        • Mary O’Hearn

          Thanks for responding. It is nice to be read. You ask to name one thing, so how about the FACT that he pushed for funds for expanding a Woodbridge part of Route 1 to six lanes and the Secretary of Transportation agreed to fund them.
          Should you desire you could read all about it: http://www.northernvatimes.com/news/connaughton-signs-off-on-u.s.-1-widening. That is more than any of the other elected’s in PWC have done in decades.”
          One can totally understand you and your candidate trying to deflect attention from the substance of the article that started our conversation. Politicians often try that gimmick. We in PWC deserve better than old political tricks-

          • Potomac Clubber

            Mary, Too bad you didn’t read the first sentence of my comment.

  • Gone-Fish’n

    I don’t think that Candidate Futrell knows anyhting about Route-1.

    In the Prince Williams Times interview with Dan Roem on July 17, 2013, Futrell stated, “However, money to widen parts of U.S. 1 through Dumfries has been secured more recently.”

    This shows me that his Staff is not advising him correctly and he isn’t educating himself either. Where does he sit on dredging Quantico Bay? Hydrilla eradication? Ethanol trucking on Cockpit Point Road? Route 1 from Woodbridge to Stafford?

    I don’t see his name in the news meeting with elected officials.