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Plea for Help Ignored in Murder Attempt

NORTH STAFFORD, Va. — Stafford authorities tracked down a U.S. Marine at Quantico and charged him with attempted murder.

The charge, along with others, stem from an altercation between the suspect and his wife early Monday at their home in Aquia Harbour.

The victim came back to her home on Harpoon Drive to pick up some of her belongings after she left her home Friday following an argument with her husband, said Stafford sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy.

Early Monday, her husband arrived at the house to find his wife collecting her things and then continued the argument. The man then pulled the victim’s hair and grabbed her, and the two went into the home’s garage.

It was there the man threw her to the floor, punched her, and then choked her, said Kennedy. The woman was able to get up and go back into the house to call 911, but the man followed her and knocked the phone out of her hand, pulled the phone cord out of the wall, and then grabbed a knife, said Kennedy.

He then pulled her by her hair back into the garage, threw her back onto the floor, cut her face and threatened to kill her, Kennedy said.

The victim was finally able to get away from her attacker and walked outside to find a pickup parked in her driveway with occupants inside. She cried out for help, but they did nothing, said Kennedy.

Her attacker then walked outside of the house, grabbed her, and pulled her back inside where he assaulted her once more.

The woman was able to escape a second time, this time to a neighbor’s home where she was able to call 911, said Kennedy.

The attacker fled the home and his car was found in the Aquia Harbour neighborhood. Stafford deputies determined their suspect was a Marine and, with the assistance of military police, located the suspect at Quantico. He was taken to the Rappahannock Regional Jail and charged.

Corey Reynolds, 27, faces charges of attempted murder, abduction, malicious wounding, and preventing a 911 call, said Kennedy.

The victim is expected to recover from her injuries and an investigation is ongoing.

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  • Zunta

    It is disheartening that the occupants of the truck ignored a situation that obviously threatened to the well being of an individual. At the very least they could have called 911 or intervened even if if they knew the attacker.  No excuses for his or their behavior! 

    • Corey Reynolds

      Or perhaps she didnt need help…maybe she made the whole thing up inorder to receive benefits she otherwise wouldnt have gotten…oh yeah and the panic part was cause her naked boyfriend was still upstairs in my bed…but believe that poor iinnocent girl who is still collecting your tax money.. .Respectfully Corey Reynolds

      • Above you Corey

        I love how you think youre a great person. Since being out of jail on 5 year good behavior you have had multiple run ins with the police, including a OVI. Been in fights etc. Youre a low life that doesnt deserve anything than jail. Your mouth never stops moving and cant keep a job! Lives at home with your crazy mom that thinks the government is shooting beams into her at night HAHA Bottom line is find the darkest, farthest hole from here and stay there, you will do all of us a favor lol…Respectfully, You should know who this is!

        • Demetrius Rapley

          Why are all the replies years apart tho?

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