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Stafford Sheriff Seeks Magazine Peddlers

STAFFORD, Va. — The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office is seeking information from anyone who has purchased magazines from door-to-door salesmen in the last few months.

The Sheriff’s Office started receiving complaints from citizens at the end of March after citizens purchased magazine subscriptions from salesmen who came to their door. The salesmen claimed that the subscriptions would go toward wounded soldiers or could be sent as a gift or delivered directly to the house.

The salesmen claimed to be students from Stafford High School, and schools like the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Virginia Commonwealth University, and needed money for a sports team or to study abroad. None of the salesmen were in possession of a Solicitors license, which is issued by the Stafford County Sheriff’s office and is required to solicit in Stafford unless they qualify for an exemption.

At this time only one individual, Austin Dill, age 21, of no fixed address, has been charged. Dill has been charged with Obtaining Money by False Pretenses and Identity Fraud. This investigation is ongoing and is expanding beyond Stafford County. Additional arrests are anticipated.

If anyone has been affected by this type of scam they are asked to contact the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office at 540-658-4450


Solicitors Permits for Stafford County are issued by the Sheriff’s Office and must be carried by each solicitor. This permit shall be presented, upon request, to any law enforcement officer or citizen with whom the solicitor intends to do business.

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