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Congressman Celebrates 300,000 Miles in his Toyota

(Submitted photo)

Congressman Rob Wittman took a photo when his car’s odometer surpassed 300,000 miles.

Robert J. Wittman, R-Va. 1

Witmann told Washington’s Roll Call newspaper he pulled his 2005 Toyota Corolla over to the side of the road and took a photo when the odometer hit 299,000 miles.

But as he continued to drive the car and the odometer numbers didn’t change, so the congressman took it to a repair shop to find out why he couldn’t see the number 300,000 — miles he felt he’d earned. The repair shop told him he’d outdriven the microchip’s memory, and the shop reset if for him, Roll Call reported.

Wittman is known for driving back and forth from his home in Montross and Washington, as well as across his sprawling congressional district which spans between the southern portion of Prince William County south to Williamsburg.

Wittman said he’s never named his car, but added it now deserves one now that it has carried him 300,000 miles.

Wittman added he would like to drive the car for another 300,000 miles.

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