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Comcast customers report outage

Comcast has put the blame for yesterday’s service outage on a work crew who was installing guard rails along an area road. That crew, apparently, cut a fiber line while they were working which lead to a wide service outage for Comcast customers in Woodbridge.

Service was restored overnight.

“Comcast technicians were immediately alerted to the issue through our internal monitoring systems and were promptly on scene to begin assessing the situation and repairing the damage to the fiber line.  As you noted, all services were restored late last night.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused our customers,” stated Comcast spokeswoman Aimee Metrick in an email.

The outage affected both cable TV and internet customers.

Updated 6:10 a.m. Wednesday

The Comcast outage that affected multiple Woodbridge residents Tuesday night has been fixed, apparently.

Still no word from a Comcast spokeswoman on what exactly caused the outage, or when it was repaired.

When we called a customer service call center last night, we learned one of the fiber lines had been cut, prompting the outage.

Woodbridge, Va. ––
Some cable customers in Woodbridge are reporting troubles with their Comcast service.

Customers in the Dale City area, especially off Spriggs Road and those who live off of U.S. in Woodbridge are without service at this hour.

A call to the Comcast customer service centers told us that a “fiber cut” is to blame for the service outage in the area.

A company spokeswoman has not immediately returned our request for comment.

The outage comes at Woodbridge District Supervisor Frank J. Principi is set to hold his first Tele Town Hall meeting. During the meeting, residents will be called and asked if they would like to speak with the supervisor and ask questions of him.

A representative from Principi’s office said the outage could potentially affect the Tele Town Hall event.

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  • fettman24

    That is unfortunate, I had Comcast about 7 years ago and got annoyed with how the slightest thing could go wrong and it would knock out the service for an entire neighborhood. I got DISH Network shortly after I started working there and I love it. I’m paying a lot less with DISH, and haven’t lost service at all. During rain and snow it still works, only time it went out my DISH was buried in snow, brushed it off and it came right back in. I also read that DISH has beaten Comcast for the last 10 years in the customer service rankings. It just makes more sense to me, I have a cheaper, more reliable service and I am treated correctly if I have to call in for any reason.

    • PotomacLocal

      The other unfortunate thing to come out of the Comcast outage: I missed the president’s State of the Union Address. One of the few chances to see members of opposing parties sitting together in the crowd – some civility in Washington – and I missed it. How did the dish service hold up during the recent snow storm?

  • 2/14/16 I only have channel 6,channel 12 operating today cable whent screwy at 10:30 am all it tells me is channel will be ready soon.l Comcast recorded message your phone number will not take incoming calls why is this outage not fixed,if the customer cant call your phone number how can we report probles anther case of Comcast not given a DAMN .

  • I have not had cable service since 10:30 am your phones are overloade with calls and wont answer my calls?

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